this is my handle (pettythings) wrote in feministfucks,
this is my handle

copied from a myspace bulletin,0,2664370.story

Apparently the guy who runs "Girls Gone Wild" has raped at least two girls- one he apparently drugged after arguing about the morality of "Girls Gone Wild," the other had just posed for the cameras and was very intoxicated but remembers very clearly saying "no," "stop," and that it was very painful (though he hasn't been convicted in the first case due to insufficient evidence and the second hasn't pressed charges but did talk to the reporter), physically assaulted the reporter writing the above article (...and later apologized, saying "we love our little reporter, don't we...come on, baby, give me a kiss"), paid minors to kiss each other in the shower for the camera and then to touch his penis (lawsuit pending), and has harrassed and physically threatened other women who angered him, such as a woman who would not return a deposit for a rental space that he trashed.
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